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Over the past twenty years FULLBORE SHADES Ltd. (previously FULLBORE ENGINEERING LTD.) has completed a variety of engineering projects and developed engineering solutions for the agricultural processing, civil engineering and manufactory industries.

The following are the main products successfully developed:

  • Eco Frame Quick Fix Modules in partnership with Steel Structures Ltd.: a unique way to provide computer lab services to students across East Africa.

  • Innovative, semi-prefabricated shade net and polycarbonate structures for domestic and commercial applications. The design has revolutionized the prefabricated shade and awining industry and since its launch in 2005 FULLBORE has become one of the leading brands in Kenya.

  • Modular prefab housing solutions: can be erected anywhere in the region in a matter of weeks. The modular design affords the product a level of versatility and infinite combinations of configurations making it a highly appreciated solution in the market. Main lines: Easy Cottage for residential use, Wilderness eko Cabins for the tourism sector, Basic self-contained telephony relay centres , living quarters and offices.

  • Container conversion and containers flat packs: an alternative to the Basic prefab housing line, the self-contained telephony relay centers , living quarters and offices can be developed from 20ft container or iron sheet container flat packs.

  • Design and fabrications of customized steel decks, tent platforms and frames, foot bridges for the tourism industry (Wilderness Line).

  • Fabrication and supply of collapsible water tank systems from 4 meter cube up to 100 meter cube. These units can be collapsed into packages from 1 meter cubed upto a maximum of 15 meter cubed. Weights range from 80 kg. to 1500 Kg.

  • Development of innovative portal and perimeter gate design permitting greater control and ease of use for security managers and fleet managers in industrial applications.

  • Development of a condom vending machine as a joint project involving GTZ, USAID and the Ministry of Health. The development and mass production of this unit is particularly noteworthy as it is the first development of an automated, mechanized vending machine in East Africa.
  • Design and production of heavy-duty coffee bean
    sorting machinery
    which has been successfully installed to hundreds of coffee factories throughout East Africa and Ethiopia , Rwanda / Burundi.
  • Steel Structures Ltd. (partners with)
  • Crown Beverages Ltd
  • Hass Consult Ltd
  • Repelectric K Ltd. Nairobi
  • Ilkelyani, Masai Mara
  • Tropical Farm Management, Thika
  • Socfinaf Estates, Thika
  • AIR Harries Estates, Thika
  • BAT Thika Green Leaf Threshing Plant (GLT Plant), Thika
  • United Textile Mills, Thika
  • The Vatican Embassy, Nairobi
  • Enkasiti Flower Growers, Thika
  • NKG (Neuman Kaffe Gruppe), Thika Road
  • Penta Flowers, Thika
  • Kencell / Celtel Communications, Nairobi
  • GTZ / Marie Stopes / Ministry of Health. Kenya
  • Brolaz East Africa
  • Safaricom Ltd. and CEO’s Residence, Nairobi
  • AAA (Arkangelo Ali Association), South Sudan
  • Windsor Golf and Country Club, Nairobi
  • Mango Camp Juba, South Sudan
  • Rajaf Hotel Juba, South Sudan
  • Film Safaris, Masai Mara
  • Base Camp Explorer, Masai Mara
  • Mara Plains, Mara Conservancy
  • Murera Springs Eco Lodge, Meru
  • Sean Garstin Motors, Nairobi
  • Farmers Choice, Nairobi
  • Kwacha Group of Companies, Nairobi
  • Galana Oil, Nairobi
  • International Medical Corps (IMC), Nairobi
  • UNHCR, Nairobi
  • Sunshine Properties, Victoria, Seychelles
  • Mavuno Church, Nairobi
  • Karen Hospital, Nairobi
  • Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN), Kenya Programme
  • St Austin Garage, Nairobi
  • Sakai Trading, Nairobi and Mombasa
  • Kichece Camp, Masai Mara
  • Penta Flowers
  • Safaricom
  • British High Commission and High Commissioner’s residence, Nairobi
  • Diocese of Rumbek, South Sudan
  • Citibank, Nairobi Upper Hill
  • Governors Camp, Masai Mara and Rwanda
  • MSF Belgium, Nairobi
  • MSF Suisse, Nairobi
  • AAA (Arkangelo Ali Association), South Sudan
  • Windsor Golf and Country Club
  • Film Safaris, Masai Mara
  • German Embassy, Nairobi
  • Brazilian Ambassador’s Residence, Nairobii
  • Sakai Motors Nairobi and Mombasa
  • Monroe (ORIEL LTD) Nairobi and Mombasa