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Polycarbonate structure
FullBore Easy Housing Solutions
Fullbore’s design of pre-fabricated units represents an aesthetically agreeable, easy to erect, versatile and heavy-duty design solution for the East Africa region. The prefabricated modular units have been specifically developed with versatility in mind and can be adapted to most any configuration conceivable.
While most prefabs available are imported, Fullbore uses only locally available materials for ease of replacement and repair.
Currently three main concepts are available:

conceived for residential purposes, a time saving and original solution for the family’s housing needs.

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WILDERNESS EKO CABINS: for the tourism industry, customized cabins leaving no foot print and using recycled materials for walls. See more on the Wilderness Line page.
BASIC: for basic accommodation, guest houses, staff houses, office extensions, site offices.
General Technical Design Specification
The concept is based upon a lattice of rugged supporting steel frame structures, modular and customizable to the clients need. The steel frame structural supports are extremely heavy duty and permit applications which would not be conceivable using stone or RC medium, such as elevated floors, flying, un-buttressed balconies or incorporation of gantries and lifting equipment into the design. The frame is treated with our own brand of rust inhibitor and finished with a coat of red oxide.
Our utilization of the Recycled Eko Board (Made out of Tetra Pack waste) for walling and partitioning answers the threat that termites pose to most prefabs permitting the structure to be erected in areas where normal prefabricated units cannot be erected. The boards are also fire resistant and water resistant.
Further more, their added value is represented by the eco friendly concept behind them, making the structure ahead of its time in East Africa and highly marketable. An optional attribute is the introduction of shade netting installed above the iron sheeting which will reduce the heat transmitted to the interior of the building by almost 50 %.