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Fullbore’s Wilderness Quick and No Foot Print Line
In 2011 Fullbore has introduced the following products oriented (but not bound ) to the growing EA tourism industry:
Prefabricated Steel Deckings in modular sections that do away with the need of concrete on site. Mainly used as tents and dining decks. Benefits: Rot , fire , water and termite resistant EKO recycled boards for flooring. No need to build soil mounds. Platforms can be raised to desired heights above ground. Main frame work for tent and flysheet can be incorporated.All units fully bolted to allow for easy relocation.
Foot Bridges for Camps, Lodges , NGO's , Communities up to 40mts in 40 mts, completed in one week.
Eko Cabins as a cost effective alternative to canvas tents. Highly customizable. Easy transport. See also our Easy Housing page for general specs. Interior decorator available at separate charges.